Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rage Across America Tour: Interlude

A little past the halfway point of the tour, now, and with the Minnesota Fringe just around the corner I thought it might be worthwhile to collate/archive some of my online content from the past couple of months.


0:35     KC Fringe Promo. The place is crowded and I didn't have a mic, so it's damn-near inaudible, but in the interest of completeness here's a clip of me plugging my show when I arrived in KC.

1:30     2014 Fringe Participant Interview. A brief promo I did of my show with the Hollywood Fringe in LA.

2:22     MN Fringe Preview. Live promo I did with Matt Allex of Vilification Tennis. This was singled out by Graydon Royce of the Star Tribune as "solidly on the nice list."

2:37     Jumpin' Jack Kerouac Trailer. Trailer for a dance show I'm performing in in Minneapolis.

2:50     Jumpin' Jack Kerouac Preview. Live promo I did with the rest of the cast.

4:43     Indefinite Articles Trailer. Trailer I put together for the show some months ago.

5:37     The Calof Series. Promotional video for a storytelling series at Patrick's Cabaret that features about a minute of me workshopping one of the stories from the show.


1:00:01     Obsessed with Joseph Scrimshaw. A podcast interview I did in LA about J.R.R. Tolkien and his influence on my work.

1:49:47     Apropos of Nothing. Rather embarrassingly, I get even drunker than usual on this one and it rapidly devolves into us shouting slurred arguments over each other. That does seem to be what this audience comes for, however.


03/23/2014     Story SlamMN! Interview. An interview I did with Paula Reed Nancarrow about competitive storytelling.

06/09/2014     Reddit AMA. I impulsively did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) in which I answered online questions from strangers about my career.

05/30-06/25/2014     Libertarian Rage Blog (Part One and Part Two). Reflections on the first two months of my tour.

06/25/2014     Libertarian Rage as Theater. A rather confrontational interview I did with Stubble, a local men's magazine.

07/07-11/2014     Word Sprout Blog (Part One, Part Two, and Part Three). A series of essays about storytelling that I wrote for a local spoken-word organization.

07/18/2014     Friend a Day. A surprisingly glowing profile by local comedian Tim Wick from a series in which he writes kind things about people he knows.


Anger, Sarah Palin, and Whiskey. An effusive review from the Tolucan Times, a Los Angeles paper.

Hollywood Fringe Audience Reviews. Just what it sounds like.

KC Fringe Audience Reviews. Ditto.


...a handful of plugs/calendar listings. Mostly variations on sampling the press release (so not too interesting to read), but included here for archival purposes.

Rochester Post-Bulletin
Express Milwaukee
Body Mind Spirit Guide
Broadway World
Libertarian Party of Missouri
Asian-American Press

...more to come, hopefully. Watch this space!

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